BinaryEditor 2012.0

The Binary Editor software allows for editing of the Ford EEC binary data
2012.0 (See all)
EEC Analyzer

The Binary Editor software allows for editing of the Ford EEC binary data. Its definition files (Strategy Files) are open source and are saved in Excel. The Excel format makes editing the definitions very user friendly. The Binary Editor can also display differences between binaries (Ford Tunes).
Binary Editor can display and log live data using either the TwEECer RT and or Moates Quarterhorse 1.6 hardware. All parameters available for display or data logging are defined in the definition files. This makes it easy to change things like the number of decimal places parameters will use when displayed or logged. Binary editor can estimate quarter mile times based off the vehicle speed sensor. The accuracy of the quarter mile times will depend on the accuracy of the vehicle speedometer and how fast the logging rate is. With the Moates Quarterhorse the tuning parameters, such as MAF (Mass Air Flow sensor) curve can be changed on the fly. Yes this means you can finally tune while the car is running. It is no longer required to turn the car off and then download a new tune, just simple make the desired change and press the update button. It is not recommended or safe to make changes while driving. Make sure to have someone other than the driver make changes if live tuning is going to be done.

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